Wednesday, June 9, 2010

day 3 {multilayered}

So, yesterday's word was "Multilayered", and I got the picture taken... it just took a little bit longer getting the picture uploaded...but here it is.
My mom made bread yesterday. The whole house smelled heavenly, and the bread tasted just as good. I layered my slice with sweet butter and peach preserves, and promised myself to learn how to make bread. The prompt from yesterday was this: name some of your biggest creative buzz kills, including a person or two, and disarm them!

Creative buzz kills? How about math? That didn't take much soul-searching. I am so utterly right-brained. I can comprehend logic and reasoning, it's just some of those algebraic expressions that are neither logical nor reasonable that give me trouble. No matter what you say, the letter X will never = seven! The letter X = the start of the word xylophone, or Xerox, or xenophobia...humph. So, buzz kill named mathematics: DISARMED. Creativity for the WIN!

A few asides: Yes, I did in fact take that picture...also, today is technically day four of boot camp, but as I said earlier, there was some trouble in the uploading of this a day four is coming later today.

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