Thursday, June 10, 2010

day 5 {grow}

Daily prompt: "As you listen to the music of your past, begin to think about what your hopes and expectations for life were when you were young and the world was wide open. {If you are young and the world is wide open, get crazy and write your wildest dreams right now.}"

Some of my dreams don't feel very wild--they feel attainable. They feel...close. Almost too close. It's like I'm growing up so fast that I can't even gather my thoughts on the present. I'm done with junior year, I'm racing towards senior year, then graduation, college, moving out, living on my's all right there, in my face, yelling to be noticed, and it's so loud that sometimes I can't hear what's going on at the moment--my future is too distracting.

But then I remember that even though it's creeping up on me quickly, I still have time to cherish here as a seventeen year old. I can't just blow things off and tell myself that I have oodles of time to learn and grow; I don't. I've had seventeen years, and soon, I'll be an adult. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that even though I can't view my future as afar off, I can still enjoy my life at present, while cramming in as much learning and growth as I possibly can before adulthood. But even when I reach adulthood, will I stop learning? Of course not! Growing is a neverending process. You might not grow in physical stature, but spiritual and personal growth never ends. I'll learn forever, and I can't wait.

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