caroline gee

I love...

Disneyland, the vintage, the forties, miniature things, talking, craftiness, The Princess and the Frog, thrift stores, reading novels, Gilmore Girls, fabric shopping, blogging, Harry Potter, sunlight, taking walks by the river, blowing bubbles, family, friends, cheesecake, strolling through the park, singing, acting, jumping in puddles,  racing the clouds, umbrellas, and music.

I'm a dreamer. I have goals to meet. I dream of life after high school, but also of life during high school. Friendships and relationships pepper my daydreams, and I sprinkle them over reality. I am an individual: a unique version of the seventeen year old girl. I love to love. I love to be loved. Musical fantasies often occupy my thoughts. Singing is my escape, and a way for me to express myself, though not the only way I do so. I talk. A lot. I act. Sometimes I show off. I try to avoid it. I love pretty things. Being a girl is wonderful. Random obsessions sometimes distract me. I'm smart. Writing gives me a thrill. I love to read and get to know characters in books. I daydream about historical heroes. I use their examples to make sure I'm living right. I am a girl.