Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011


delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person.

1.  joyous, joyful, blithe, cheerful, merry, contented, blissful, satisfied.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I know, it's been over a month since I posted.

I know I stopped doing the thirty days thing, even though I promised myself I would stick with it...

but come on.

So. In the spirit of following suit, I will give you a brief overview of each one. Because I KNOW you want to read them. (But mostly because I really want to give some closure to it' or else it'll drive me crazy.)

nine - the belief
I believe in this church.
I believe in eating good food that makes you happy.
I believe in making people smile.

ten - what you wore today
Today, I wore my favorite jeans. I wore a sweatshirt. And I wore a minimal amount of makeup. Today is actually quite out of the norm for me. There's so many people (we'll call them...organic) who seem to decide that makeup is something to be scorned. Truth be told, an exorbitant amount of makeup is rather interesting (read: terrifying) sometimes, but a little makeup is fine. Seriously. Makeup is to enhance any natural beauty that you already have, right? Right. So who cares if I'm not totally organic. And who cares if you are. We're all pretty anyways.

eleven - siblings
What on earth would I do without them?
Matthew - the most loyal best friend in the world.
Emma - beautiful, talented, determined, and only sister.
Stephen - the dramatic singer-the one who is most like me as far as emotions go. Sweet and innocent one minute, dramatically angry or sad the next.
Joseph - the baby, the smiler, the reader, the color-er, the singer, the one who plays Wii, the one who sings in the bathroom, the one who loves it when I read him stories.
They are the greatest.

twelve - what's in your satchel
My satchel? Oh, so like...my purse? Or my backpack? I'll see if I can do both.
two binders, scriptures seminary makeup workbook, journal, 1984, various pens and pencils, German art songs, chamber music, peanut butter crackers.
Purse Usually, it's my
phone, coin purse, driver's license, lipgloss, gum, pen, small notebook, keys, earrings that I took off that day.

thirteen - this week
Sunday: was lovely.
Monday: I'm in love.
Tuesday: School again.
Wednesday: Lots o' singing.
Thursday: This is probably the day when I'll start falling asleep in my classes.
Friday: To Ephraim I go!
Saturday: back again...final dress rehearsal?!

fourteen - what I wore today
Didn't we just go over this?

fifteen - your dreams
Once I had a dream where the entire sky was made of water. It rained for so long and so hard, that eventually any and all space was filled. Me and CJ swam around with umbrellas in our hands and it was like we were flying. And suddenly, we were. The water crashed back to the ground into a massive, earth-sized swimming pool, and we were left floating among the galaxies; him, me, and our umbrellas. He took my hand and we levitated in awe, admiring every star and every sparkling burst of cloud. We slowly floated back down to earth, bumping umbrellas and laughing with incredulous delight.

sixteen - your first kiss
this story is perfect. I want to save it for a real post.

seventeen - your favorite memory
Favorite memory? Impossible. The point of having a memory is not having to pick favorites.

eighteen - your favorite birthday
How appropriate. Eighteen for my 18th. My latest birthday. I've never felt so loved by so many people.

nineteen - regrets
I regret disrespect. I regret my procrastination.

twenty - this month
It's already halfway over, you know.
Also, I'm loving it.

twenty-one - another moment
the moment I realized that I had made my college decision. My mom said to me, "So. You're still thinking about Snow?" I replied, "I think so, Mom. It's where I want to be." She said, "Then own it. If people ask you what your plans are, tell them with conviction. Don't ever be embarrassed or weird about it. It's your plan, and your decision, and I fully support you. So own it."
And I did. And I do.

twenty-two - something that upsets you
Feeling guilt.

twenty-three - something that makes you feel better
Prayer, talking to my mom, writing things down, when people ask me for advice, hugs, and smiles from people.

twenty-four - something that makes you cry
Sharing my beliefs, thinking about my siblings, worrying about my friends, feelings of inadequacy.

twenty-five - a first
On Christmas Day: the last present I opened. A shiny, metallic green object. My first cell phone. A bright green, Motorola Pebl. Perfect.

twenty-six - your fears
being buried alive.
car crashes.
losing my family.
losing my mind in my later life.

twenty-seven - your favorite place
anywhere by a creek or a river, or
my grandpa's cabin in Minnesota.

twenty-eight - something you miss
I miss living next door to my grandparents. Every Sunday, I would run over and help set the table. I would paint after school with my grandma. I would hang out with my ultra-cool teenage aunt. Then we moved, my grandparents moved, and my aunt grew up and got married, and she has a BABY. She's still ultra-cool, though. I miss sitting by her in church.

twenty-nine - aspirations

thirty - one last moment.
seperate post.