Saturday, April 30, 2011


They're just so...nice to have.

It's nice to have friends you can get excited about things with.
Things like...


And friends you can borrow stuff from,

like really comfy sweatshirts,
or really good music.

It's nice to have friends you can say stupid things to,
and it's nice to have friends who do ridiculous things to make you laugh.

It's nice to feel confident.

Friends make you feel confident. Friends shouldn't bring you down,

or make you feel like you need to change yourself.
If they're real friends, they won't do that.

They'll just let

Friday, April 29, 2011

untitled posts

Ten title-less possibilities.

they have nothing.

nothing but a slot in my queue of posts,

published, unpublished, unwritten, written.

Just another place in line.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hello, my favorite followers.

Have you missed me? Because I've missed you.

I'm sorry about the extended break I've been taking, but the end of senior year is a bit tiring. (read: SUPER STRESSFUL.)

It's a good thing that musical I was in is over, and my online classes are finished. I just need to prepare for those AP tests, and then my life might slow down, at least for a brief time.

Let me just say:

I have several drafts saved in my "Edit Posts" tab, and each one starts with a small, random sentence, and then...nothing. I just haven't had anything to say to the world. Plenty of things have happened, but I just haven't really been sure how to approach them in a blogging sense. Because, after all, this is a slightly more public venue. (even though not everyone in the world reads the good ol' blog. Thank you, dear followers, for being those who do. It means a lot. Even though I'm slacking in my posts.)


I miss you.