Monday, April 13, 2009

One heckuva week.

So. This week has probably been the most vocally draining week I've had in a good while.

Tuesday=Talent show auditions. You know, this audition would have gone pretty well, if not for the fact that I stopped before the song was over because I literally couldn't sing it anymore. But the rest of it was good. Except for that.

Wednesday=Drama class auditions/Chamber Choir auditions. These auditions both went very well, which is a big reason why the week was so tiring.

Saturday=I made both classes, which entailed a lot of screaming and such. I also babysat, which also included a minor bit of yelling.

Sunday=Sang in the choir at church for Easter. Fantastic, but also exhausting. Switching from a children's part, to first soprano, and then alto for the last two songs, one of which goes prettay low, though fun, is also a great way to make your voice hoarse.

Next Wednesday=Musical theatre auditions. Just thinking about these makes my vocal cords contract in fear. Luckily, they're able to recuperate during this spring break. I just have to remember to breath.