Saturday, June 12, 2010

day 7 {fly}

I would like to begin this post by saying...

the Scottish Festival was incredibly awesome. Awesome costumes, awesome bagpiping, awesome food, awesome date...I had a fabulous time.

I even went out on a limb and got a henna tattoo. Yeah, that's right. I'm a rebel.

{My dashing date wielding a sword.}

So, that being said, here's day seven..."fly".

There are so many things that apply to flying...your soul can fly when you hear a piece of beautiful music, or you can watch birds fly in lovely formation, or maybe someone wishes that they had the gift of flight. In any case, flying is somewhat of a mystery. It stirs something inside of you - doesn't everyone wish they could fly? Just sprout wings and take off, flitting from perch to perch, on top of the world...? Beautiful. I chose to capture colorful ribbons flying in the wind. They weren't completely free--they were attached to something grounded, but they weren't totally bound either. They were free enough to float in the wind, something I think applies to everyone. While the gift of physical flight was not given to humankind, gifts of spiritual flight were given - metaphoric flight. Though we cannot levitate from the ground, our minds can soar to enormous heights if we let them. (She waxes philosophical! Quick, listen up before it disappears!!) We can fly in our talents, our love, our passions...those things help us grow wings. Our families, loved ones, significant others - ideally, they all help us to fly. We can fly when our hearts are full, or when we laugh until tears stream down our faces. We do have the gift of flight. We just have to learn.