Monday, June 7, 2010

and so, the first week of summer ends with my 100th post.

Highly successful, I must say.

Monday: too far away to recall.

Tuesday: on the town, listening to great tunes, and making friendships stronger.

Wednesday, and Thursday: business plans with Blythe, and the start of a [potentially] rich-making summer. Also, randomly showing up on friend's doorsteps and watching funny YouTube videos.

Friday: stalking strangers with fabulous people, getting calls from delicious concert-goers, and balloon-splatter painting ventures.

Saturday: Doritos and lemonade in the cemetary with the best friend, and partying it up birthday-style.

Sunday: incredible yellow sky, post-apocolyptic driving, musical chats, Shakespeare memories, journal writing, and a good book.

New music, too. A lot.

And new perspective.

Highly successful indeed.

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