Friday, June 11, 2010

day 6 {fluid}

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It rained all day today (and yesterday, and the day before that, and outside, I hear it raining still...) and the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that today's word was "fluid" was all that water puddling up outside my windows. Not very original, but extremely applicable.

Creativity Boot Camp is such an amazing summer project! It gives me a task; a purpose in the otherwise unstructered, lazy days of summer (which actually aren't unstructured or lazy at all...oh no, they're simply FILLED with online classes and ACT tests and such...blech. If only I could be completely lazy [without repercussions] for once...but if my summer was as unstructured as I wish it was, I would probably go insane anyways, so I'm going to stop this parenthetical tangent and continue with this post which was originally about fluidity...) I've lost my place.
Ah, yes.
 Boot camp.

So, as I was saying, boot camp gives me a task to do. It helps me let creativity take hold in a non-chaotic way.

I adore it.

P.S. Leave me a comment! Tell me whatcha think of this whole...creativity thang.

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lindsey; said...

ummm I LOVE IT. your pictures are brilliant. beautiful.