Friday, June 4, 2010

current obsession[stop motion]

The lovely Alison Sudol, of Fine Frenzy fame.

I met her once.

Stop motion...fascinates me. Once I start watching, I just can't look away. So many pictures to make a one minute video...but it's so beautiful when it's done! Ah.

This video* is true love.

It has such an Alice in Wonderland feel to it -
whimsical and pretty.

*PLEASE click on over to
YouTube to watch this so it isn't cut off.
You'll miss the deliciousness of the video if you don't.

{Update!! The new layout no longer cuts off videos that I, feel free to stick around and watch it here!}


melody said...

I would agree. Stop motions is FABULOUS. I believe you showed me this video, yes? I don't know...someone showed it to me,,, I am pretty sure it was you.
But really-they are incredibly enjoyable to make. Whenever my bro and I clean the kitchen or make cookies we make a stop motion movie.

Macy Hammond said...

You should check out "Us" By Regina Spektor. Not only is it a wonderful song, but the music video is in stop motion. ;)