Sunday, February 7, 2010

the best feeling

Do you ever have one of those weeks? When everything...kinda crumbles for a few days? And you just don't want to DEAL WITH IT anymore? Yeah...I sorta had one'a those. Except...less dramatic. It was one of those weeks, except in a good way. Which doesn't make sense, does it? But it's true.

Why is this blog post entitled "the best feeling"? Because today, Sunday, was good. (And yesterday, too...I went to a dance. Woot!) Today I decorated cookies. It was so much FUN. Can I just say how excited I am to cook everyday? To make dinner for a family? Those thoughts kept swimming into my head while I frosted and piped icing onto the cookies, finishing them off with a little flourish of sparkling sugar. Mm, delicious. I love having that feeling of accomplishment after I've made something special, be it a batch of cookies, lunch for my little brother, a thank-you card, a hair accessory, a sewing project, or a scrapbook page. It's just
the best feeling.

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Jonathan Baker said...

YOU are something special to me.