Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sometimes... have to make a decision you never thought you would have to make. You feel completely at peace with that decision, and yet negative and sorrowful emotions still bubble inside of you, just beneath the surface, waiting to explode in an extremely female kind of way. That crippling sense of failure grips your senses and shakes them...well, senseles. You really wish you could explain away all of the stupid things you're feeling and make them go dig their own graves, never to return, but no. They stick to you like skin to mic tape, stick to your heart and nearly suffocate it. Everything squashes together in the immense pressure and stress of your suffocating organ.

You've been waiting and waiting, but the clouds remain in their chilly, grey state, not a hint of silver to be found. Their linings stay darkened, offering no answers to questions you seek answers to.

Silver linings come in retrospect, at the end of someone's story. My story is far from over.

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