Thursday, January 21, 2010

In our lovely

More fondly known as D.I., and quite possibly one of the greatest miracles of these latter days. A thrifty miracle. An oh-my-gracious-do-they-really-have-that-item miracle.

Carlie's Shopping I-just-barely-bought-these-incredible-things-tonight List

  • a couple of fantastically vintage dresses
  • three pairs of delicious denims
  • peachy-keen blouses
  • an extremely creeper porcelain doll with a pale purple pallor
  • a not-so-scary mini porcelain doll to hang on my mobile (YES! I am making a mobile! For my ROOM! Like what babies have, except...I'm seventeen!)
  • a new desk chair, ready to be re-covered
  • the shelf: $10.00, perfect condition, perfect size, perfection.
  • and randoms: musty-smelling books, miniature brass picture frames, and ribbons.
All in all, a highly successful evening.

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Christine said...

...and much fun was had by all. It was a blast Carlie- it was delightful to spend the evening with you and put our imaginations to work. and your bedroom looks terrific...just not terrifically clean. Love Mom.