Monday, January 18, 2010

and whom do you prefer?

On saturday I went to preference.
it was quite enjoyable. We made masks for the day date (the theme was masqerade) and then watched wait until dark, only one of the best movies of all time. We ate a fabulous dinner at my grandparent's beautiful house, then danced ourselves silly. I had the time of my life.  


Jonathan Baker said...

Heavens, but you're stunning.

Caroline Grace: said...

Jon, how I miss you!

Kiersten White said...

And I'm not stalking you, honestly, but your dress was freaking AMAZING and you looked beautiful : )

My brother is pretty cute, too.

Caroline Grace: said...

Haha! Why, thank you! :)

Yes. Fact.

P.S. No worries. I stalk your blog, as a matter of fact, and I love it.