Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bethanyism #1

I love my job. No, I really do. I get up every morning, walk along the same sidewalk, pass the same long-forgotten soy sauce wrapper, turn the same corner, and knock on the same door. The same sounds greet my ears: *stomp, stomp, pitter-patter, runnnnnnning* "CARRRRlie!!" The same little face appears at the window and then opens the door and the same little kids swoop in for a big group hug. And then the day goes on from there. Really though, being a nanny/babysitter is so fun, especially when Bethany says/does hilarious things.

Bethany has taken to putting the dog, Lucy, in odd places--cupboards, closets, drawers, things of that nature. One day, I went upstairs to go make sure Bethany was making her bed so she could keep going with her other chores. The bed was made-something that doesn't always happen too smoothly. I was a bit surprised, but I praised her work and reminded her to brush her teeth and take a vitamin.

"Your bed looks great, Bethany! Why don't you come and brush your teeth now so we can finish up your chores?"

"Hm...all right. Just one minute."

"No, come on, put the toy down, it'll just take a minute."

The family I work for has three adorable children, Jacob, Bethany, and Samantha. Samantha is about 2 months old. (This fact is important to the story, which is why I inserted it here.)

"Come on, Bethany, let's go."

"Um...ok. But, can you go see if Samantha is crying for a minute?"

I was a bit taken-aback.


"Just because."

"Bethany...what are you up to?"

Bethany inched towards a lower cupboard on her dresser and said innocently, "Nothing...just can you go see if she is crying?"

"Bethany, what's in the cupboard?"

"Nothing...a toy."

"What toy?"

"Um...just a toy I don't want you to see."

I raised an eyebrow. "Bethany, open up. Let's have a look."

Bethany reluctantly opened the cupboard, and sitting there quite pathetically was Lucy. I laughed out loud, and then coaxed her out, trying to keep a straight face.

"Bethany...what have we said about putting Lucy in cupboards and drawers?"

"But Carlie! I didn't! I just opened it up and then she walked in! I promise!"

Poor Lucy. She puts up with more stuff than most canines.

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