Saturday, April 24, 2010

postmarked to the season

Lovely Spring,
Please don't leave me ever again (until your sister Summer comes to visit. Then you may go.) But for now, please stay awhile. Your lilting breezes ruffle my hair in a teasing sort of way and your sunny afternoons beg to be enjoyed. I like the way the trees look this year - in the past, they were just babies, but now they have truly blossomed. And thank you for the rain! Oh, the rain. My umbrella has been used and I have already made plans to buy some galoshes (but only if you promise it'll rain again. Otherwise, it might not be worth it, seeing as I'm...completely broke.) Anyway, the rain was wonderfully welcome. And did you know that I flew a kite the other day? The sun was shining, debris from a lovely picnic was sitting on the grass nearby, and my date was fantastic. That day was perfect - thank you, Spring. Everyone could use a little more kite-flying, I think.

With affection,

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