Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the list

buy a pair of overalls

have a paint fight

remember to be a good example for my brothers and sister

don't get too bruised

go roller blading

earn some cash

do something crazy

make a new friend

pretend I'm from the forties

pretend I'm from the fifties


study for the ap u.s. history test

read my books

write some poetry

call an old friend

get over past wrongs

spend quality time with my journal

own a fish

pass math

consider cropping my hair short

remember that I can't crop my hair short

wish I was cool enough to crop my hair short

go fabric shopping

cook something fantastic

go on a camping trip

learn Clair de Lune

Also, I love Kiersten!


Jonathan Baker said...

I dig them all but the overalls. :)

Kiersten White said...

It's mutual : )

ECH said...

haha SUCKER! i have overalls by the way...