Thursday, May 5, 2011

The fifth of May, a happy day.

Did you like that rhyming title? I'm just clever, I know.

This is one of those posts where I don't plan what I'm going to say beforehand. I usually don't really..."plan" I never sit down and make an outline or anything. But usually I have some idea of what I want to say to the world. (Or rather, 66 people in the world...if you were the only people in the world, I would probably give up on...everything, and start resigning myself to a life of insanity in which I live in my virtual world on the computer. [But we would all have to be friends on facebook.] )


By the way, you 66? I really love you guys. It feels good to be followed. (That was possibly one of the weirdest/most contradictory things I've ever said [er...written. Blogged? Announced, that's a good word.] But really, you guys make me happy.)

Speaking of being happy...

did I mention that that is what I am?

I'm happy.

Life is so good. 

My AP Lit test was today. It's all over. My three essays are written and I totally spanked the multiple choice section. ( That was sarcasm. But I think I did alright.)

I made plans to spend time with my best friend on Saturday night. He's probably the greatest person ever. Sidewalk chalk adventures are in the works. 

I just read a bunch of notes I have acquired throughout my high school and junior high years. The way we carried on about boys is beyond my comprehension. (Oh, who am I kidding. We still carry on about boys in a ridiculous fashion.)

My love for several childhood television shows and movies has been spontaneously revived. Arthur really was the best. 

I'm happy. 

I hope you are, too. 
If not, go watch this video:


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Anna Elizabeth said...

Melody just mailed me copies of a few choice old jr high notes.... they're hilarious. i should read them to you.