Tuesday, May 17, 2011

bits of another tuesday

Conveniently, and rather neatly, my last two posts are a week apart, providing ample room for a cute title like, "bits of another tuesday." Eh, eh? My mind is way too scrambled to organize any kind of cohesive post, so I'm just going to lay out some bits, but I'll use some pictures this time.

Isn't this just great? And the little girl's face (not the kissin' bandit, the jealous chick) is perfect. And haven't we all felt like that? Because...I have.

Yes, that says 244. 
Except it's not that exciting. 
It was a lengthy conversation that was incredibly full of attention deficit 
consisting of my friend and I. 
But it looks really cool. Like I'm famous or something.

ask for source.


Kendra said...

Oh. I like your Tuesday posts! It's like Tuesdays with Carlie! :)

Miss Shelby said...

That picture has a new meaning to me after last night ;)