Sunday, January 30, 2011

three - my parents

Beautiful, and kind.
Cooks delicious food, and bakes bread sometimes.
Appreciates simple things.
Reads lots of books and then recommends them to me.
Loves my dad.
Gets excited about silly things with me.
Supports my decisions and tells me when I need to make a change.
Has every right to say, "I told you so!" on a regular basis.
Gets Chinese take-out with me.
Sings songs.
Pretends she likes my weird taste in music/clothes/stuff, unless she really hates it, and then she'll tell me so.
Taught me how to be thrifty/goes to thrift stores with me to find gems.
Makes everything lovely.

Blue-eyed and good-natured.
Makes jokes about the weirdest things. Like polar bears.
Appreciates it when I do my very best at everything.
Has meaningful conversations with me.
Loves my mom.
Understands how my logic works and helps me figure things out.
Is able to quote full scenes from movies.
Listens to cool music and is open to my suggestions.
Laughs at stupid YouTube videos with me.
Thinks I'm beautiful.
Goes on walks with me to talk about life and church.
Takes care of me and supports my family.

"Happiness in family life is
most likely to be achieved
when founded upon the teachings
of the Lord Jesus Christ."


Anna Elizabeth said...


you're so freaking popular.
look at all your followers.

Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

i love this. i love your parents. i love you.