Sunday, May 16, 2010


was beautiful.

It was one of those Sundays when everything you do
seems to be lovely.

I woke up,
got ready,
went to an uplifting church meeting,
talked to friend,
and came home.

Since I finished my homework yesterday,
today was truly a day of rest.

I watched my mom work in the kitchen
and imagined my life ten years from now.

I set the table,
and did the dishes,
and swept the floor without being asked.
I wanted to sweep the floor.
Just because.

I ate dinner with my eternal family;
spaghetti and meatballs
and my angel mother's homemade French bread.

I went outside and sat on the porch,
and then migrated to the grass.
I brought a book
and a crunchy apple.
The sun settled over me like a quilt knitted by the breeze.
I fell asleep to the sounds of children laughing
and bird descants.

I went on a walk
with a best friend
and talked about summer.
We made plans.
We laughed about boys.
The wind teased us,
tugging at our hair.

I came home.
My sweet home.
Family, warmth, and comfort
waited for me there.

was beautiful.

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Jessica Shmessica said...

I <3<3<3 you!(: Can't wait for Friday!!!!!!!!