Tuesday, May 11, 2010

parenthetical overkill, weather worries, and fiery lullabies

So...here's the scoop.

You may have noticed (unless you live elsewhere) that the weather has not be very favorable as of late.

No, indeed.

(And this is the part where I interrupt my own post for a random and slightly worrisome thought--I talk about the weather...a lot. Isn't weather usually considered a last resort as far as conversation goes? Isn't it that kind of topic that goes hand in hand with visions of awkward chats and silences? Is it the sort of thing that equals awkwardness in face to face conversation, but doesn't apply in the blogosphere? I'm just sayin'...am I boring you all ((all six of you, anyways)) with my random, nonsensical, and oftentimes exaggerated sentences about...weather? If so, please feel free to say something...but I'll probably still talk about the stormy skies...)

Anyways, back to the weather outside. It's a bit frightful, you might say. And I, unfortunately, do not have a fireplace in my abode.

BUT. That doesn't stop me.

This Christmas, my angel mother gave my father a DVD. But not just any DVD. We got plenty of movies, oh yes, but none quite so...useful, shall we say, as this particular DVD.

It's a virtual fireplace.

I know. Fantastic, right? Of course right. On Sunday night (after watching another excellent dvd - The Young Victoria ((post about this movie to come soon!!!)) ) I brought the virtual fireplace dvd into my room, plugged it in, watched the flames flicker across the walls, and listened to the virtual embers pop and smolder. Best lullaby I've ever encountered, and I swear the room was warmer, in spite of the frightful weather.

Post concluded.


melody said...

I think that it is a-ok to speak of the weather! Especially since it is being so bipolar!!...Like it always is...but you get my point!
HA! That virtual fireplace is the greatest thing I have heard of. All day. Alright...finishing ap testing may have beat it out...BUT...hahahaha....I am dying. that is wonderful. You should invest in a heat fan and put it by your tellie to enhance the experience(:
Sorry about the ten year comment. I hope we can play someday in our lives. (: You are great.

Jonathan Baker said...

What?! You haven't loved the weather? I got so sad to see it leave today! Well. . . almost! I guess I just need to live in England, right? Or maybe Forks? ;)