Tuesday, March 30, 2010

back and forth

New York to California, all in a single month. And now, off to St. George! Thank goodness it's in the same state.

acappella tour was an incredible amount of fun.

oh, disneyland.
It's such a happy place. Universal Studios was pretty fun, too. Even the 11 hour bus ride was endurable. (I quite enjoy sleeping. It doesn't happen very often, what with rehearsals and homework and such.)

GUESS WHAT. March just barely started, and now it's almost over. April is swiftly approaching, and Spring is in the air. The bitter cold has retreated for a time, but I've heard nasty rumors that it's coming to visit again tomorrow. Hm. Ah, well. A week from now I'll be soakin' up rays in sunny St. Georgio. Yes, please.

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Jonathan Baker said...

I. Love. Your. Blog. And you!