Monday, September 28, 2009


Well, it has been quite awhile since I wrote on this blog thingie.

Hospital. Nothing serious, but there was a little bit more surgery involved. (By the way, I had to get surgery a couple of weeks ago. Just thought I'd throw that in there.) I'm almost fully recovered, just sleepy and a bit sore. :) Hopefully I'll be fully functional as soon as possible. The thing that's most aggravating is the fact that I have to recover all over again. I bounced back with the first surgery so quickly...only to encounter a complication that involved a horrid trip to the emergency room (I did NOT enjoy staying there for 6 hours while they poked needles into me...blech.) But everything turned out well, and I'm blessed for that. Hooray!

So much is going on! It's been crazy trying to work out my entire schedule.

OH!! Gem of the week. So, for my productions drama class, we're doing a musical review. Mr. Smith, the teacher, asked me and my good friend Jaren if we would help him make a cast list for this review. We did, and it was quite the process...but it all worked in the end (with hardly any broken hearts, I believe). Smith graciously assigned solos for Jaren and I beforehand (so we didn't have to awkwardly do it for ourselves...) and I will be singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Carousel!! I am so thrilled. It's a BIG song. Hopefully I can pull it off by January!

The end.


Em said...

So sorry! Hospitals are no fun! Glad all is well now!!!

Jon Baker said...

I was going to call and ask you how you were, but my phone is violently exploded, so I couldn't! I am so glad you wrote!

I hope I can see the showcase!