Thursday, January 12, 2012

Remember when I used to blog?


Because honestly, when I try to come up with deep, meaningful things to say, I feel like I end up sounding really self-important. Some people pull it off beautifully, and sometimes I try, but not today. Today I just want to tell you about what I'm doing. Since you've probably been wondering what my life is like.

I wake up really early, which is nice. I get a lot of things done, which is weird.

Things About Snow College That They Won't Tell You At Orientation.

-The rugs in front of the doors at Snow are super awesome. I don't know why they feel great underneath my feet. But they do. And I'm being totally serious and literal. Not just... "they feel great underneath my feet because I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now."
-The bathroom on the bottom floor of the Science Building is about the size of a postage stamp, and it's super creepy.
-Also in the Science Building, there's this hallway. I like to call it, "Human Disease: An Art Gallery", or "The Hallway of Nasty", or "Hallway of Human Suffering". Avoid it. It's full of student-made posters outlining different sicknesses and diseases, complete with several pictures on each poster. Just...avoid it.

I'm all out of words. Until the next post!

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Anna Elizabeth said...

I like it when you blog! Do it more often.