Sunday, July 24, 2011

SURPRISE! It's me.

I promise I don't just wait to post on purpose so all of you can tell me how much you've missed me. I just haven't had a lot of blogging spirit lately. I'm not sure what it is. However, I promise to be a good blogger from now on. Lend me and send me some inspiration, if you want. <---there ya go.

Anyway. A'hem. I post today, and promise to post more consistently, especially now that I have an award to live up to!

The lovely ladies over at My Sister's Closet gave me a 
Best Blogger award!

At first, I was super stoked, and then I quickly started to feel embarrassed, because it's been so long since I wrote on this thing. How am I supposed to accept an award for Best Blogger...when in reality, I am probably one of the laziest? Therefore, henceforth and forthwith, as I have stated above, below, and all around: I shall make it my mission to find things to blog about, even if they're dreadfully boring. I'm sure you'd all love that, wouldn't you? 

And also, without any further ado or ramblings, I give you: MY best blogger awards. (The idea is that you pass along the award to five other bloggers you think are, well...the best, and then they can pass it along to five more, until we're almost all connected in this thing we call the "blogosphere". [Yes, I use that term.] ) 

Also, I said without any further ado, but apparently, I lied. So, NOW without any further ado, the bloggers:

1. Lindsey, from some words
2. Anna, from Scope for Imagination
3. Chloe, from Things I Thought While Brushing My Teeth
4. Rosie, from oh so rosie
5. Kassie, from You Kinda Had To Be There

There you have it! When you pass the award along, be sure to alert those you've awarded.

Now, there's that. Tomorrow's post might actually try and mean something. Or not. We'll see.

With love from,


Chloe said...

Thank you so much! I always wanted a blogging award. :)

Anna Elizabeth said...

Woot! I feel exceedingly cool. Only if I picked my top favorite blogs, they don't even KNOW me.... so uh, that would be potentially pretty awkward, don'tchya think?