Thursday, February 3, 2011

six - a day in the life (specifically, this day in my life.)

This is probably way too detailed. Whatever.

a-ridiculously-early-hour-of-the-morning-sometime-around-3:30: Wake up on my favorite couch with my knee completely cramped into a bent position and screaming in protest whenever I try to straighten it. Gingerly limp to my bedroom and resume sleep.
5:15AM: Wake up for real this time.
5:30: Actually get up.
5:45: Enter bathroom, shielding my eyes from the light which seems to enjoy making my head hurt.
6:00: Make sure I'm fully clothed (please note: makeup/hair/any form of making myself look put-together=non-existent.)
6:08: Speed to attendance school.
6:12: Make it with 3 minutes to spare.
6:15: Make a face at Mr. Farr.
6:30: Promptly fall asleep.
6:50: Wake up to find the girls sitting in front of me turned around, looking at me, and whispering/giggling. Give a jaunty wave, a smile, and then remember the giant red dot on my chin that I didn't bother to cover-up. Wave anyways.
7:10: Fall asleep again.
7:15: Free at last. Walk out to the parking lot. Notice/try to pretend not to notice a certain car next to mine. Speed home to make myself look presentable.
7:45: School starts, but I'm still at home, eating toast/forgetting things/trying to remember what I know I forgot.
8:20: Arrive to first period, late again, and feeling somewhat satisfied with my now non-hobo-like appearance.
8:30: Have a lovely discussion about lovely poems.
8:45: Hack up a lung and make several trips to the tissue box.
9:05: Walk to second period, or rather, the we-do-nothing-in-here class.
9:08: Wave at several people, and wink at others.
9:10-10:40: Read blogs, write on my blog, edit posts, listen to music, want crackers, remember my lunch is far away in my locker across the wide expanse of school, look forward to third period, spin my chair around, look out the window and think to myself, "Hey, it looks so sunny and warm out there. Good thing I know that it's secretly a frozen tundra."
10:42: Escape the computer lab and proceed to third period. Critique and discuss photography for an hour. Play with camera. Enjoy myself immensely.
12:10: Lunchtime. Spot certain faces in the crowd, eat my peanut butter crackers, sing in German.
12:54: Fourth period. Take practice AP Music Theory test. Realize that I have no chance of passing it. Make a mental note to not be stupid.
1:15: Wink at that person over there.
1:45: Become better friends with the tissue box.
2:15: Thank goodness school is over.
2:30: Wait around in the choir room with the tenor section. Madness ensues, involving a rodent and a cardboard box.
2:50: Andrew comes to get me and Sierra and I get some senior pictures taken in the bitter cold.
4:10: Andrew locks keys in car, and we wait 20 minutes for a backup key.
4:30: Hands are frozen and dead-looking.
5:00: Hands still frozen, but look more life-like.
5:18: Sit in Sierra's house without Sierra, eating popcorn.
5:30: Home again. Do some chores. Still not completely warm.
6:00: Play tunes on the piano, specifically music from Pride and Prejudice movies.
6:15: Send dorky/flirty/funny/random texts to some people.
6:30: Listen to siblings sing the same line from the same Justin Bieber song over and over and over and over again and again and again...
7:20: Eat a delicious new recipe that my mom made. Discover that creamed spinach isn't bad at all.
8:00: Online classes and some facebook stalking.
9:30: Chips and salsa? Yes.
10:20: Jammin' with my brother. We really know how to harmonize.
11:00: Love when I find texts on my phone after leaving it upstairs for awhile.
11:08: This is now. This is it.

(Most boring, mundane post ever?)

But today was still great.