Wednesday, September 22, 2010

look and see-saw

Sometimes you see little slices of the world that seem to be meant just for you. 

I was sitting on my porch in the early evening hours, and the sun was bathing the world in a rosy glow of orange and gold. The after-effects of a long, relaxing bike ride lingered in arms and legs, and I had never felt so comfortable in a wooden chair before. I had a tall glass of water on one side of me and the best book on the other. I set down my book, thought for awhile, and stared aimlessly across the street at the nearly empty neighborhood park. I suddenly realized what I was looking at. A young man and woman were there, standing on the teeter-totter, laughing together. They looked young; old enough to be dating-for-marriage, and young enough to be almost-newlyweds. They soon abandoned the teeter-totter for the swing-set, and then their car. Just as she was about to get in, he swept her into his arms, spun her around, set her back down and said, "You're it!" He then proceeded to run away. She mockingly tried to tag him, but failed miserably. He was not to be defeated. She laughed, he laughed. They walked to their car, and gave each other a tender kiss. He opened her door, got in the driver's seat, and drove away. 

I love love.
-The Format 


Anna Lewis said...

Possibly this is the best thing ever. It makes me happy in my heart of hearts. I can't wait to be a newlywed (if that's what they were). Thanks for sharing your slice, my dear! You are an exquisite writer.

Mallory and Hannah said...

oh. i love it.

Cam said...

Agreed with Mal and Hannah.